The Honor Oak

How to Choose your Trees

fringe treeCrab Apples, Chinese Dogwoods, Japanese Maples, Fringe Trees, there are so many options to choose from and so many things to consider. Finding the right tree can be overwhelming. Trees can grow for decades and it is important that to choose which tree will best fit your yard.

How to Select your Trees

  • Understand your Needs. The first think you need to do when selecting a tree is to determine its purpose. Ask yourself why you want a tree and what are the qualities that you want your tree to have. Do you want a shady tree, a fruit bearing tree, or an ornamental tree? Do you want your tree to provide privacy or you want to make your traditional garden design look good? There are a lot of trees that provide different qualities and by understanding what you want, you can easily narrow down your options.
  • japanese maplePlant According to your Theme. The tree should go well with your theme. If you have an Asian themed backyard, adding a Japanese Maple or Flowering Cherries to your design will do the trick. This is especially important if you want to increase the aesthetic value of your backyard.
  • Know the Tree’s Special Requirements. Each tree is different and each has its certain requirements in order for it to survive. Know the soil requirements. Most trees thrive well in rich acidic soil. The water requirement of each tree also varies. Bald cypress trees and willows can tolerate wet soil.
  • Know the Tree’s Characteristics. Be particular with the tree’s characteristics. Some trees may have qualities that may not be suitable for your home. Some trees drop leaves, sticks and fruits all over the place while some trees have thorns. If not kept, these trees can make your yard a mess. If you have small kids, you should also watch out for trees with thorns. You would want to make your backyard safe for your kids as much as possible.
  • crab appleConsider your Space. Trees should be proportionate to its surroundings. When selecting your tree, consider your space. Always remember that big trees can grow really big and will cause some problems if you have a limited space. For small spaces, consider using dwarf trees. Dwarf trees can add flair to your landscape.
  • Consider your Budget- If you need one tree, then that’s fine the cost of trees usually vary depending on the type, the difficulty of propagation and the shipping costs. If you need a row of trees, then you should probably try grafting it and make copies to save costs. Trees can be expensive especially persimmons. Persimmons are commonly found in Japan. It bears fruits that tastes quite similar to mango. Ripe persimmons are mushy but has a sweet taste that a lot of people love.