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A Garden in A Pot

container gardeningGrowing plants in containers is extremely easy. Anyone and everyone can start their very own container garden. You can grow anything, from flowers, to trees. But before you get started, here are some of the things that you have to remember.

Choosing a Container

The main principle when growing plants in pot is to give room for the plants to grow. Small plant pots can be restrictive and may require frequent repotting. When choosing your containers, it is important that you consider the size of your plant, its root systems and its growth rate.

creamic garden pots

If you are planning to grow different types of plant in a single container, it would be ideal to use large pots. This will give more space for the plants to grow and will also help you to easily layout your container garden design.

When using different pots, you would either use the same type of pots with various shapes and size. If you want to be more creative, you can also use pots with different colours. Just make sure that you carefully choose your colour theme to avoid a slapdash design.

You can use anything to hold your plants. There is so much room for creativity with container gardening. Try to find old shoes or wine bottles. You can even use an old pot as a garden pot.

Container Gardening Arrangement

container gardening arrangementWhen using a single pot for your plants, you need to carefully arrange your plants in a way so that one will complement the other. As a rule of thumb, most container gardeners uses three types of plants: a thriller, a filler and a spiller. Thriller plants are structural in nature. They stand out and is considered as the highlight of the pot. Thrillers should be the tallest. Fillers on the other hand adds texture to the pot. Flowering plants and plants with fancy and colourful foliage are often used for fillers. Lastly, spillers are plants that flows over the rim of the pot. Using these three types of plants adds layer to your container garden. All elements of a great garden are present. You have your thriller as a focal point, you you’re your spiller to add in colour, and a spiller to soften the edges of your pot. When you have these three in the right proportions, you can surely create a great container garden.

For plants that are grown individually, you can arrange your pots to achieve the same effect that you get in a container garden with all three plant types. This can be easily achieved by using pots of different sizes. You can also layer your pots by creating a tiered platform for your pots.