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Traditional Garden Landscaping Tips

traditional gardeningTraditional gardens are timeless. Though container gardening and vertical gardening helps individuals with little space, traditional gardens will give you the most benefits when it comes to increasing the visual appeal of your home. Aside from that, traditional vegetable gardens will give you more produce compared to vertical and container gardens.

The Basics of Traditional Gardening

When starting a traditional garden, it is important to remember the basics.

  • landscape colour themeChoosing your Colour Theme- You need to be familiar with the basic colour themes when starting a traditional garden. For beginners, a monochromatic theme would be ideal. You can easily pull off a monochromatic theme by sticking to one colour and simply adding shades and hues of that particular colour.
  • Knowing your Plants Needs- Knowing the plant requirements is essential when starting a garden. Do a quick research online to find the specific requirements of your plants. Buying plants without knowing its specific requirements is a recipe for trouble.
  • Impulse Buying- This is one of the common mistakes of beginner landscapers, buying too many plants of the same kind. In traditional gardening, you would want to make it natural. It would be a little unnatural if you plant the same plant in a row.
  • Careful Planning- In starting a traditional garden, it is important to have a plan. Landscaping your yard can be expensive, and you want to do it right the first time. Starting a traditional garden without a plan is just a waste of time, money and effort. Don’t rush it. Take your time to layout your design.

Traditional Garden Techniques

Here are some tips on how you can add a twist to your traditional garden to make it more exciting.

  • traditional garden designAdding Layers- Most traditional gardens do not have much layer considering the fact that most plants are grown on the ground. Raised beds and using plants with different sizes can help you achieve that layered effect. However, if you want an instant layered look, you can use garden pots of different sizes or use a specialized structure to hang your pots.
  • Adding a Water Feature- Water features enhances the overall look of your traditional garden. A small pond or a bird bath can make a huge difference. Water features beckons life as birds stop by for their water source.
  • Adding Lights- Led lights will magically transform your traditional garden at night. It will not only increase visualization at night but will also create a wonderful sight from your window or patio.
  • Adding Texture and Structure- Rocks, large urns, sculptures and other garden ornaments can do a lot. These interesting pieces in your garden can be used as focal points or at least one of the focal points that will draw the attention of your guests. These garden ornaments have a lot of street appeal.